Lancrop Laboratories

Danaus Consultants is working along with Lancrop Laboratories to provide soil and foliar analytical services in Belize. Lancrop Laboratories, established since 1975 in the United Kingdom, provides services with the very latest instrumentation, techniques and quality control procedures (ISO 9001 and UKAS 17025 Certification) which are used by its qualified personnel for the provision of rapid, accurate and impartial services.

The joint force with an internationally accredited laboratory is to ensure an accurate analysis that will help diagnose your problems and offer better solutions to achieve agricultural sustainability and economic feasibility of proper fertilizer use.

IMOcert Latinoamérica Ltda.

Consumers around the globe are demanding quaility and better/sustainable produced, processed and packed food, as well as socially fair systems. The demands of these products is increasing due to health and environmentally friendly constrains. The company was founded in 1995 as part of the International Group IMO, but since 2014 operates as a independent entity. The main headquaters of IMOcert are in Bolivia, but there are different regional offices in Latin America and The Caribbean. 

IMOcert offers qualified and reliable audit/inspection and certification services for different countries and regulations in organic/ecologic production, sustainable agricutlure and fair/social systems. It is able to offer services to a great variety of agricultural products, including honey. Services can be offered to farmers, associations/cooperatives, processing plants and marketers in order to facilitate the access to specialized worldwide markets. The control and certification procedures are carried out with absolute impartiality by highly qualified staff and under principles of ethics and responsibility. 

In partnership with Danaus Consultants, there is an accedrited inspector in Belize for EU, USDA/NOP, COR regulations. 


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